The Muddy Notebook: Journalist Carolyn Davis  Writes on Humanitarian Issues


There are numerous organizations online that seek to document international Human Rights issues and abuses. Of these, I recommend the following sources highly. Their reports come out at regular intervals, and there are numerous controls set in place to ensure that informaton is vetted; complete, and collected in a standardized way from country to country, so that fairer comparisons can be made. I hope that you find them as useful as I do.


This online interactive database provides human rights news for 150 countries in five international regions. The tool allows researchers to access current headlines, or archived information back to 1995.


Research a country's human rights record by issue, by region, or by individual country name. HRW excels at multimedia reporting, and offers its reports in 17 languages.


This U.S.-government maintained site is a great resource for basic country information, such as climate; population; currency; offical languages; main exports and imports; birth and death rates.




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